Thursday, July 17, 2008


I intentionally steered clear of any reviews of this book before I read it. After reading merely a snippet of a review, it already seemed so intriguing that I didn’t want to spoil it. I’ll sometimes do that with movies too. I hate getting all the good parts ahead of time in the trailers. That ruins it for me. So, I went in with barely any knowledge, except that I knew it would be good. Indeed it was! Wow! If you’re like me, stop reading right now, go get the book & read it without any sneak peeks. But, if you do need a little more of a teaser, go ahead and read on.

Jenna Fox wakes up after a year-long coma. All she knows is that she was in a terrible accident. She doesn’t remember anything about her former life. She doesn’t recognize her mom, dad or grandmother. She doesn’t even remember the meaning of some simple words like curious or lost. Although, for some strange reason, she can remember certain historical events down to the last detail. She’s been given a set of DVDs of her life try to jog her memory. Her parents must have really adored her, since they recorded nearly every detail of her life. While watching the videos, Jenna notices characteristics that are different between the Jenna on screen and herself. As the memories return little by little, the questions begin piling up. Plus, the accident itself is still a mystery. She wonders what happened to her two friends that are showing up in her memories. Were they with her during the accident, and if so, why does she keep hearing their voices?

This was an incredible book. It lived up to all my expectations. It is set in the near future where science and ethics are even more intertwined than they are today. Scientific advancements have introduced so many questions about what is right and wrong. Just because we can do something with science, does that mean we should? I’m being intentionally vague here, so as not to spoil the book. Read it. It will give you a glimpse into what might be in our not so distant future.

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