Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Margaret Peterson Haddix. FOUND

A new series by Margaret Peterson Haddix! How awesome is that? I knew this would be good. All her other books are so unique and intriguing. Jonah has always known he was adopted, but never thought it was a big deal. Then one day, he gets a letter in the mail that says he is one of the “missing.” His friend, Chip, gets the same letter. A few days later he gets another mysterious letter that says that someone is coming to get them. Jonah and Chip, along with Jonah’s non-adopted sister, begin investigating their adoptions. After obtaining some secret files and making a lot of phone calls, they have even more questions. Plus, when they find the one person who seems to have some answers, she disappears. Then they begin to feel forces for and against them, but they don’t even know why. This is an incredibly suspenseful novel that will catch on with readers like wildfire! I absolutely cannot wait until the sequel!
In case you aren’t familiar with her other books, check out her brand new website, here. Her books are all so different, yet all so intriguing in their own ways.