Sunday, April 20, 2008


This is a highly enjoyable sequel to SECRETS OF MY HOLLYWOOD LIFE. Kaitlin Burke has made it through the challenges with the press from book one, and now she’s beginning filming on a new Hollywood blockbuster. One bonus she got out of her experiment in high school is her boyfriend, Austin. Things are going smoothly with him, until she finds out that she has to work with Drew, her ex-boyfriend on the new movie. And, the film’s publicity guru is making Kaitlin go to events with Drew and pose as his girlfriend. How will she work this out with Austin? Will he be able to deal with her complicated Hollywood life? As in the first book, this one lets the reader in on many star secrets. Plus, Kaitlin has some of the same issues as regular teen girls. In fact, one thing I like about this series better than other rich girl/celebrity type books is that it doesn't get bogged down or obsessed with all the designer names. That aspect is there, but the focus is on the characters. It's a fun way to spend an afternoon!

My review of the first book is here: Secrets #1

The third b
ook is due out next month. It's called SECRETS OF MY HOLLYWOOD LIFE: FAMILY AFFAIR: