Sunday, April 27, 2008


This is the story of Frankie Landau-Banks and her transformation from geeky, debate club girl to secret, criminal mastermind of Alabaster Prep Academy. When Frankie arrives back at school her sophomore year, she’s blossomed into a pretty girl with a great figure. The boys begin to notice her, and the most popular boy in school, Matthew Livingston, takes her on as his girlfriend. She also becomes close to all his popular friends. However, she begins to realize that she’s only allowed to hang out with these people because she’s his girlfriend. They don’t really take her seriously. When she hears about a secret boys-only organization, she is intrigued, but also mad that Matthew doesn’t share any of it with her. So, she hatches a plan that culminates with no one ever underestimating Frankie again.

I’m amazed at how each of Lockhart’s books have their own distinct tone and personality. I’ve loved them all, and they’re all so different. This one is so sophisticated and smart. Frankie is a prime example of a smart girl realizing the importance of remaining true to herself, no matter what the people around her expect or want of her. Go Frankie!
This is definitely one of my favorites for the year, so far.