Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Deborah Lynn Jacobs. CHOICES

Wow! What an intriguing book. Kathleen has just lost her brother in a car accident. She’s devastated. Then strange things begin to happen. She wakes up to a different reality each day. One day she’s Kathleen, another she’s Kate, and then Kay and Kathy. In one reality she’s lost her best friend and her mother is in a downward spiral, while in another she’s still has her best friend and her mom is doing great. But one aspect is constant in all realities – Luke. He seems to follow her to each world. Perhaps he has some answers to what is going on? She also wonders if she can find the “reality” where her brother is still alive.
The premise of the book really piqued my interest. Fortunately, it turned out as cool as it sounded. I really enjoyed this book. Now I’ll have to check out the author’s other books.