Sunday, April 13, 2008

Beth Evangelista. GIFTED

Being a gifted student doesn’t help George R. Clark in school one bit. In fact, the school football players, aka the Bruise Brothers, use him for their amusement quite often. Even though George’s dad is the principal they get away with a lot. They pull pranks on him like shoving him in the garbage can and running his underpants up the flagpole. Now it’s time for the annual 8th grade science camp trip where all the kids go stay for a week at Camp Rose. The trouble is that George’s dad isn’t going on the trip, so he’s afraid that without that minimal protection, the Bruise Brothers are gonna have a field day with him. Especially when he learns that he’s sharing a room with them at the camp. Overnight with the Bruise Brothers? Will he survive the camp?
This was a funny, warm-hearted story of a boy who learns a lot about himself when disaster strikes. I highly recommend it!