Friday, March 21, 2008


REBEL ANGELS is a worthy sequel to THE GREAT AND TERRIBLE BEAUTY. It’s the holiday season at Spence Academy. The girls are getting ready to go home to London to stay with their families. Also, the replacement teacher for Miss Moore begins teaching. Gemma and her friends become suspicious of her after finding some interesting items in her room. Gemma begins to think that this teacher is Circe, the leader of the dark spirits from the realms. In the midst of all the festivities of the holidays (dances, tea at the club, etc.), there is trouble in the realms. Gemma is charged with finding the temple to bind the magic, but she isn’t sure who she can trust to help her. This sequel has even more going on than the first book. There’s romance, mystery, magic and plot twists. I may even like this one more than the first!