Tuesday, January 8, 2008


The third installment of NON-BLONDE cheerleader is just as much fun as the original two! I had forgotten how well Ms. Scott writes and how funny she is. We join Annisa after their thrilling win at nationals. The team has finally gelled and is getting along great. Then, Coach Holmes makes a decision that throws the team into turmoil again. She’s decided to bring guys onto the team. That's right, the first boy cheerleaders ever in the history of Sand Dune High! Annisa is thrilled, since her boyfriend, Daniel, tries out & makes the team. She figures she’ll get to see him all the time. Plus, they’ll get to do much more difficult stunts However, the guys have other plans. The battle of the sexes begins. Will the squad ever be the national champion squad it once was? I enjoyed this one & look forward to the next one. Loved it!

Kieran Scott's next book comes out May 29th. It's called GEEK MAGNET. How cute is this cover!