Thursday, December 27, 2007

Susan Beth Pfeffer. LIFE AS WE KNEW IT

I had heard so much about this book that I hoped it would measure up. It surely did.
Miranda, her family, and everyone else on her entire street are out one night watching a meteor that is on a collision course with the moon. It’s an astrological event that people wanted to see up close. Miranda isn’t that interested, but all her teachers have assigned homework about it, so she’s out watching with everyone else. The world gasps as the meteor hits so hard that it pushes the moon much closer to the earth. At first, people aren’t sure what this means. Then in the following days, tsunamis devastate both coasts of the US, as well as places around the world. Entire cities of people have died. Suddenly Miranda’s mom pulls her out of school to go buy all of the groceries in the store. They start stockpiling, because the future is unknown. Volcanoes all over are erupting because of the new gravitational pull from the moon. The sky becomes grey with ash. Schools close. People leave town. This is Miranda’s diary of the events going on. The atmosphere is grim and eerily realistic. It makes you nervous like after watching DEEP IMPACT or some other disaster film.
It also makes you appreciate running water, electricity, and above, all food. It also took me back to the atmosphere in Houston when we had evacuate during Hurricane Rita. People were freaking out on the highways and at gas stations. Yikes! Definitely a must read. No wonder there was so much talk about this book.

WOW! Check out the cover for the companion novel (out in June 08)


How awesome is that cover?

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