Monday, December 24, 2007

Nancy Etchemendy. THE POWER OF UN

Wouldn’t you love the power to go back in time and “undo” events in your life that? Like a bad or tragic event? Gib is visited by a strange old man, who smells like lightning, one night in the woods. The man gives him a home-made looking device that looks like a remote control. He calls it an “unner.” He tells him to be careful with it and then leaves. Gib is curious, but then goes about his life. A tragic event happens later that night and Gib decides to “undo” it by going back in time. But, things are happening differently and he’s worried he’s changed the wrong events. Will he be able to change the inevitable, or are some things meant to happen? This was one of those suspense filled novels that I couldn’t put down. I had to finish it at once! It’s a great way to sample Science Fiction, if you aren’t sure you like Sci-Fi. You’ll like this one.