Saturday, December 29, 2007

Book News

As you know, I rarely (ok, never) post anything other than book reviews, since this is pretty much a single subject blog. But when there is exciting book news, I can’t help myself.
First exciting tidbit: There is a new series coming out next September called 39 CLUES. It will be written by different authors, but will have one main story arc. The first two books are going to be written by two of my favorite authors, Rick Riordan (THE LIGHTNING THIEF books) and Gordon Korman (SON OF THE MOB & SCHOOLED). The series will have online game tie-ins, blogs written by the characters, maps, puzzles, treasure hunts & videos. Sounds like a pretty big deal.
Here’s more on it:
And what Rick Riordan has to say

By the way THE LIGHTNING THIEF, BOOK 4, called THE BATTLE OF THE LABYRINTH comes out May 2008. can't wait!

Second tidbit is that ALA will be doing a live webcast again this year to announce the big ALA Book Awards. It’s at 5:45am (mtn time) on Jan 14th. Here’s the link for that:
Go early because otherwise the site gets overloaded & you completely miss it. (Like me, last year.)