Sunday, November 11, 2007


This is probably the first book I’ve read where the first few pages are dedicated to the author trying to persuade you away from reading the book for “your own good.”
But when/if you do brave ahead and read the book, you’ll meet Cass and Max-Ernest. Cass is a survivalist, who carries a backpack filled with items she might need in an emergency: flashlight, maps, ropes, etc. Max-Ernest has 2 names because his parents literally could not agree on which name to give him, so they gave him both. He is good at breaking codes, but not so good at making friends, because he’s weird and talks too much. They end up collaborating together to investigate the disappearance of a magician in town. They sneak in his house and find a secret room with an unusual box called the symphony of smells. Then they find a trail of codes and clues about some mysterious things going on at a nearby “spa” that are linked with a missing boy at school. And that’s about all I can tell you, since the book is “secret” and all! But, I will recommend you check out the author’s website just to tempt you into reading this really cool book.
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