Friday, November 23, 2007


Imagine if someone special in your life commits suicide and then proceeds to communicate with you about why she did it. And I’m not talking about ghosts. Clay Jenson gets a mysterious package of cassette tapes in the mail. The note explains that he’s one of the thirteen people who played the biggest part in Hannah Baker’s decision to take her own life and therefore gets to listen to her explaining it all. Clay puts in the first tape, hears Hannah’s voice again, and simply cannot stop listening to her story. He listens to all thirteen tapes in one night. He keeps waiting to see what part he may have played in her decision. The story is gut wrenching, moving and sad. The voice from both the female and male points of view is so truthful and real. This is an incredible first novel by this author. This is one you seriously will not be able to forget.
Here's some more info on the author, Jay Asher: