Monday, November 19, 2007

Francine Prose. BULLYVILLE

I think this is the first book I’ve read where the characters are dealing with a loss from 9/11. Bart’s father worked in the Twin Towers building and went down with them on that tragic day. The odd part is that his mom also worked there. However, that morning Bart had the flu and his mother couldn’t find anyone to watch him, so she stayed home with him. So basically, he saved her life. From then on, he’s called the miracle boy. When the local community hears about Bart, one thing leads to another & he gets a scholarship to the local private school. The adults think this is the greatest thing. But the kids know the truth about Baileywell Prep. They call it Bullyville. The stories say kids have been bullied to the point of insanity or suicide. Bart doesn’t want to go to the school. He’s perfectly fine at his public middle school with his friends. But after everything that has happened, he agrees because he thinks it will make his mom happy. Then the trouble begins. This was a moving book about what it’s like to suffer an amazing public tragedy and then have to endure a private one shortly thereafter. You wonder where the justice is. You also wonder how many other kids are dealing with this type of bullying. My guess is too many.
Her previous book was just as intriguing. It's also about a timely topic, school shootings:

AFTER by Francine Prose