Monday, October 29, 2007


I loved Gabrielle Zevin’s ELSEWHERE, so I was really looking forward to her second novel. One day Naomi Porter falls down the stairs, and then suddenly she can’t remember the last four years. Her best friend, Will, is there to help her. She also has a boyfriend who is ready to resume their life together. The trouble is, Naomi can’t see what she must have seen in this guy. And to make matters worse, she really likes the guy who helped her get an ambulance after her accident, James. How does he fit into her life? In addition to her own drama, Naomi learns that her parents have divorced, and her mom has a three year old daughter with her new husband. While reading, we go on a journey of self discovery with Naomi, which brings up interesting questions. Can everyone else’s memories of your life really fill in the gaps you need? What if you don’t like your life? Do you change it? This was a wonderful book that I found just a fresh and interesting as her first novel. If you haven't read it yet, you should. I have a review of it somewhere on this blog.