Thursday, September 20, 2007

Melissa de la Cruz. MASQUERADE

This is the sequel to BLUE BLOODS. I was pleasantly surprised that I really, really liked this one, even more than the first. I guess after the TWILIGHT vampire series, I thought I’d have a hard time enjoying another. Well, I was wrong. This one begins with the Committee swearing that the Silver Bloods are no longer a threat after the murders in BLUE BLOODS. But Schuyler and others are not so sure. Since Schuyler’s grandmother has died, she goes to Venice with Ollie to hunt down her grandfather to help them. Finally he agrees to come home to New York and train her to defeat the Silver Bloods. She has some awesome powers. We learn more great details about the history of these families and how they’re all connected. This is a definite read if you enjoyed the first one. I’m feeling a trilogy here.