Friday, June 29, 2007


I have wanted to read some of Ms. Kerr’s books for a while now, so I thought I’d start with this one. It intrigued me because it depicts three generations of a family woven together by a gold ring. It begins with a poor young girl who falls in love with a boy from the richest family in town. Then the ring follows their children and grandchildren. It’s a touching story about love and friendship, even through the toughest times in life. It was cleverly told through three unusual points of view. I really enjoyed it! I’ll be reading more by this author.

Terry Trueman. NO RIGHT TURN
Trueman’s other books have been some of the most memorable books I’ve ever read (STUCK IN NEUTRAL & CRUISE CONTROL), so I jumped at the chance to read this one. Jordan lost his dad three years before when he committed suicide. He’s turned into a zombie since then. He rarely speaks, only has one friend, and never participates in any activities. One day his mom starts dating a man named Don, who owns a corvette. Jordon becomes interested in the car, and Don willingly starts taking him for rides and teaching him about car maintenance. When Jordan finds out that Don leaves the keys in the car and goes out of town every Wednesday, the urge to “borrow” the car is too great to resist. Suddenly, Jordan finds himself “borrowing” the car on a regular basis. How long will he be able to pull it off before someone finds out? Check it out! You don't even have to like corvettes to enjoy it, but who doesn't like corvettes?


This is the fifth and final book in a series called “I-800-Where-R-U.” Cabot originally published this series under the pen name Jenny Carroll. You will probably find them in bookstores as Meg Cabot, but many libraries have the original Carroll versions*. Anyway, this is a great series that I’ve recommended to many students over the last few years. It begins when the main character, Jess, gets struck by lightning. Shortly thereafter, she begins dreaming about missing kids. If she sees a kid’s picture, she dreams about where they are. In this final installment, we learn that Jess has just come home from Afghanistan after helping the government find terrorists. After seeing the war up close and personal, Jess is no longer the same person. She’s moved on to New York with her best friend to go to college and hopefully start a new life. When her old boyfriend shows up, she wonders if she will be able to move on or if maybe she wants to keep one part of her past after all. This was a wonderful conclusion to a great, fun set of books.

*She also wrote a great series called the Mediator under the Carroll name. It’s also been reissued under her real name, Cabot. But you will still find copies of the Carroll version

Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez. HATERS

At first glance, this book appeared to be another “mean girls” type of book. But, in reality, it is so much more. Paski’s father comes home one day and tells her that they are moving to Los Angeles. With two great best friends and a new boyfriend, moving is the last thing that Paski wants to do. But, they move and she begins attending a new high school where the popular girls are called “Haters.” Jessica, the leader of this group, hates Paski on sight, because she is pretty and has just attracted the attention of her Jessica's boyfriend. Paski is trying to just be her normal confident self, but in this new world where all the other kids are rich, walk around like models and drive luxury cars, will she ever fit in? I completely enjoyed this book! The characters are wonderful. Paski is a refreshing character with some interesting abilities. I love that she doesn’t conform to her new world, but instead finds confidence to be herself. Check it out! It is recommended for high school and above.

Alex Flinn. DIVA
I’ve read and enjoyed all of Alex Flinn’s books. So, when I heard about this one, I jumped on it. This book is “sort of” a continuation of BREATHING UNDERWATER, but not really. The main character’s girlfriend Caitlin is the main character is this book. Nick is only mentioned a few times, but those few times are significant. But you don’t need to read BREATHING UNDERWATER to enjoy this book. Caitlin fills you in where needed. Caitlin is an opera singer, to the dismay of her cheerleader friends. She wants to go to the performing arts high school in town, but her mother doesn’t support her talent, so she’s afraid to tell her that she auditioned. Even when she is accepted to the school, she doesn’t tell her mother! However, when she does begin attending the school, a whole new world opens up to her. Perhaps she will learn to go after what she wants and not what everyone else expects of her. This was funny, well-written and an all around good time. You’ll love it!

Kieran Scott.

Annisa has settled into her new non-blonde cheerleading life. She has a boyfriend, she thinks anyway, her friends on the squad consider her a friend, and next week they’re off to nationals! But when she gets to nationals, just when her life should be perfect, Annisa’s new life starts to collide with her old life. Will she be able to put everything back together before they must compete? This was a highly enjoyable sequel! I loved spending time with these characters again. I noticed that a third book will be out this summer! Can’t wait!