Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Kieran Scott.

Brunette Annisa has just moved from New Jersey to the all blonde school of Sand Dune High in southern Florida. She’s moved many times before but never encountered such direct meanness from the students. Suddenly, the cheerleading squad must replace two of its members. After cheering at her old school, Annisa is determined to make the squad, even though the girls on the team appear to hate her. This is a fun book. Annisa’s courage and determination is refreshing. I enjoyed the quirky characters, especially Bethany. Even the mean girls end up having depth. Read it; you’ll love it! I’m off to read the sequel!

Amelia Atwater-Rhodes. DEMON IN MY VIEW

This book follows IN THE FORESTS OF THE NIGHT. It isn’t a sequel, though. It’s really quite different. I wrote about FORESTS previously. (see below in April) A minor character in that book named Jessica is the main character in this book. Jessica writes vampire books. When the dazzling main character of her book shows up one day at school, she is puzzled. He looks exactly like Aubrey, but calls himself Alex. When another new girl at school says some things to Jessica that only her characters in her books would know, things get really weird. If this vampire world is really real, Jessica must find out. Plus, it might explain some things about her own mysterious past.

Scott Westerfeld.

This is the last in the Midnighters trilogy. I was surprised at how easy it was to get back into this world, since it had been so long since I read the second one. But, I caught up pretty fast. This installment has “midnight” creeping into the middle of the day. Jessica, Jonathan and the rest of the gang are having lunch one day when the “blue time” shows up. They soon begin to figure out that the darklings are planning something big on Halloween. Also, some weird things are happening with Rex, who still has some darkling in him from the previous book’s events. The end is so suspenseful that it had me speed reading to get to the end.