Thursday, April 26, 2007


Justine Larbalestier. MAGIC’S CHILD

(Book 3 in Magic or Madness trilogy)
This might just be the best one in the trilogy. We get more explanations about what happened to Reason in Book 2; plus we get some really good moral dilemmas. Reason has gained some power with her new Cansino magic. She must make some hard decisions. It ends really well, but leaves some things open at the end. You need to read this trilogy. It's a unique, enjoyable fantasy.

Justine Larbalestier.
The sequel to MAGIC OR MADNESS was hard to put down. It begins with Reason safely back at her grandmother’s house with her two friends Jay-tee and Tom. But that doesn’t last long. Something weird is going on with the door. A weird creature is trying to get through. Suddenly Reason is plunged through the door by someone or something. She's forced back to New York. I really like the way the characters have different talents with their magic and how they each see things differently. The dilemma between dying young or going crazy makes the magic intriguing. I’m off to read the third in the trilogy, MAGIC’S CHILDREN.

Amelia Atwater-Rhodes.
Risika has been a vampire for 300 years. All that time she has vowed revenge against the vampire, Aubrey, who killed her brother and wounded her. He is one of the most powerful vampires around, so it takes Risika a while to get the courage to fight him. As Risika flashes back to her earlier life in 1701, we learn her story and why she hates Aubrey so much. This is a really well-written, succinct novel that makes me want to read all of her other books. The author got the call that this, her first novel, would be published when she was only fourteen. Very cool! Her second book is called DEMON IN MY VIEW, which includes several characters from this book in a unique way.

Justine Larbalestier. MAGIC OR MADNESS

Reason and her mother live in Australia. They have moved from town to town in the outback for Reason’s entire life. They have been running from her grandmother. Suddenly, Reason’s mom has gone insane, so she is sent to live with her grandmother. Since she has been taught to be afraid of her grandmother, Reason plans her escape as soon as she arrives. Reason does escape to a place much father away than she could have imagined. Then she must decide if her grandmother really is as bad as the dangerous man she encounters. I can’t say much more without giving away the good parts. This is a really different and intriguing book. It’s a trilogy, so I’ll be reading part 2 next. Can’t wait. *Tidbit: the author is the wife of another great YA author: Scott Westerfeld.