Sunday, March 25, 2007


Melissa de la Cruz. BLUE BLOODS

Schuyler Van Alen lives in Manhattan and attends a prestigious private school. She’s the last in the line of a wealthy, distinguished family. But even with her family background, she doesn’t quite fit in at her school. She has two close friends and they live outside of the popular clique at school. However, soon she finds out that they all have something in common. The term Blue Bloods, isn’t just a term referring to rich family lineage, but in fact means blue blood. They are all vampires. At fifteen, Schuyler is just manifesting the symptoms and learning about what she is. The vampires aren’t a threat to humans, like in some vampire novels, due to their strict code. The threat is actually some other creature out there trying to kill the blue bloods. This is a cool read with a lot of intriguing history in it. With the many vampire themed novels currently out there, this one is one you won’t be able to put down. The sequel is due out in May. Can’t wait!

Laura M. Zeises.
Fourteen-year-old Lucy feels like everyone is leaving her behind. Most of her friends have boyfriends, and her brother left her to go off to college. So she is caught completely off guard when a junior boy starts giving her attention. Then her brother surprises her by coming back home, with some surprises. Suddenly, her life is the one changing and she isn’t so sure that she likes it. This was a wonderful, humorous, but also thoughtful book. The first page grabbed be right away and didn’t let go until I finished it.

This graphic novel has three interrelated stories that weave together. In one story, Jin Wang’s family moves to a new neighborhood where he is the only Chinese-American. The kids aren’t very accepting of his differences. Even though he was born in America, the kids think of him as Chinese. Finally, he becomes friends with a new student who just moved in from Taiwan. In another story, a boy is embarrassed by his cousin visiting from China. Will these boys finally be accepted by their friends at school? Or will they learn to just be themselves and not worry about it? Check it out