Friday, February 23, 2007


Stephenie Meyer. NEW MOON

The sequel to TWILIGHT was as awesome as I predicted. Although, I was disappointed that Edward was gone for a large portion of the book. I had prepared for that after reading about it on Mrs. Meyer's website. I did quite enjoy the development of the character Jacob. I loved the relationship between Bella and Jacob, almost as much as Edward & Bella. Now, I'm as anxious as ever to read the third book, which is called ECLIPSE. It isn't due out until the fall! Mercy! Oh well, off to read some other books to distract me from the long wait.


Scott is just beginning high school and he’s a little nervous. Suddenly there are beautiful girls everywhere, his friends are changing and drifting away, and to top it all off, he’s agreed to so many commitments, he’s loosing sleep! Will he ever navigate the complex world of high school? Will he ever be able to actually utter a complete sentence to Julia, the girl he has a crush on? Guys, you will relate to Scott; Girls, you will have a lot of fun with him! Great, fun read.

Francine Pascal. THE RULING CLASS
I heard about this book a while back. I was looking forward to it, since it’s based in my home state of Texas. The locale is an upscale suburb of Dallas called Highland Park. As one of the main characters, Myrna Fry, says, the school is almost private because you have to have a home over “a mill” (a million) to attend. In this ritzy school, the high powered clique is called The RC, short for The Ruling Class. Myrna is desperate to get into the clique, but is completely blind to how they are really treating her. The other main character is way more interesting, Twyla Gay. She has just moved in from Abilene, so isn’t used to the cattiness of the girls in Highland Park. She’s teased at first, but decides to get back at the girls, including Myrna, who sort of pretended to be her friend. After reading this, I think you’ll be glad you don’t live in this snobby, over-styled world. Although, you’ll thoroughly enjoy seeing a glimpse of it!