Friday, October 20, 2006


Neal Shusterman. THE SCHWA WAS HERE

This book got so much positive press that I had been wanting to read it for ages. Finally, I got the chance. Anthony, known as "Antsy," gets to know a fellow student named Calvin Schwa. They call him the Schwa. The Schwa is the kind of kid who no one really notices. He seems to appear and disappear before your very eyes. Antsy figures a way to make money off of the Schwa's unusual talent…until they get caught. Their punishment is unusual, but better than getting arrested. I enjoyed this extremely intriguing and fun novel. I literally couldn't put it down and had to finish it in one sitting. It's certainly not your everyday novel. Give it a shot; you'll be pleasantly surprised!


Clinton Cole is accused of something that he swears he didn't really do, but somehow people think he's the type of person to have done it. He has actually harassed the new student in the past, so why couldn’t he have attacked him? A witness places him at the scene…
This is another great one by Alex Flinn. She really has a way of getting into people's heads. You connect with each character, so that you feel like you not only know them, but see their side of the story. This novel brings up some some thoughtful issues that make you wonder what you would do in this type of situation.

Julian Thompson. GHOST STORY

This was a fun, quirky little story about a girl whose only friend turns out to be a ghost! Anna has moved to a small New England town where her parents have bought an old inn. One day a ghost named Roxy shows up in Anna's bathroom. They become friends, since they seem to have a lot in common. Roxy used to work in the inn when she was alive. Roxy has to complete a task before she can move on. This task ends up involving coming to Anna's rescue. This is a lighthearted story that is not at all deep, but enjoyable just the same.