Tuesday, February 28, 2006



If you like football, you will love this one! Miles is a varsity football player. His team is expected to go to State this year. His dad, his coach, and his best friend are all pushing him Miles to be stronger and faster by any means necessary. He faces some tough decisions. Just how important is football to him? What will he risk? I enjoyed the detailed descriptions of the football games. Great read!

Haddix, Margaret Peterson. RUNNING OUT OF TIME

After hearing Margaret P. Haddix speak at the Teen Book Festival, I've become interested in her other books, besides Among the Hidden. She told us how she came up with the idea to write this book, so I really wanted to read it. It's about a girl named Jessie who lives with her family in the frontier village of Clifton, Indiana in 1840. However, she soon finds out that it is really 1996 everywhere else. Her village was set up for tourists to see through hidden cameras. The only reason her mother tells her the secret is because the children in the village are dying from diphtheria, a disease cured long ago in the modern world. She sends Jessie out to get medicine for the dying kids. Jessie is a little freaked out by the modern world, at first. Plus, she's threatened by the man who was supposed to help her. This was a great mystery from Haddix that I just could not put down!

Haddix, Margaret Peterson. ESCAPE FROM MEMORY

Wow, this was a really cool book! Kira gets hypnotized at her friend's house. Afterwards her friends are baffled by what she has said. Apparently, she spoke another language and has unusual memories of a strange land that she doesn't know anything about. She asks her mom about all of it, but her mom refuses to tell her anything. Then the next day, her mom disappears. Then someone claiming to want to help her shows up at her house to take her to her "homeland." This is a wonderful mystery. Another great one from Haddix!