Sunday, January 15, 2006


Korman, Gordon. BORN TO ROCK

This is Korman's newest novel due out around April. I got my hands on an advanced copy and read it right away! Leo is a student who is a member of the Young Republicans with a 4.0 average and full scholarship to Harvard. First, he finds out that his biological father is the lead singer of the most famous punk band from the 80's. Then through a misunderstanding during a test, he gets accused of cheating and loses his scholarship. Perhaps he can ask his rich musician father for college tuition? This was an amusing novel. The characters were wonderful. Another winner for Korman.

Fox, Helen. EAGER

This was great timing. We are right in the middle of our Science Fiction unit. The Bell's family robot-butler, Grumps, has problem with his internal clock. He serves them tomato soup for breakfast, breakfast for dinner and so on. So when a Professor friend asks them to take on a new robot EGR3 (who receives the name Eager) who needs to learn about life from a family, they agree. They figure that Eager can help out Grumps with the time issue, while Grumps can teach Eager a few things too. A whole new brand of robots are released to the world that end up putting lives at risk. Eager is there to lend a hand. This was an adorable book. A great way for someone to ease into Science-Fiction without too much technology or science overload. Just check out the cute cover!