Sunday, October 30, 2005


Rosoff, Meg. HOW I LIVE NOW. Wow, what an amazing book. Daisy has been shipped off to live with her family in England. They live on a farm, and her cousins are all very interesting. The kids end up taking care of themselves because the aunt is out of town. Then World War 3 breaks out and they remain on their own. That is until someone finds out and comes to get them. They are split up. Daisy and her 9-year-old cousin Piper end up taking care of themselves for months. All the while, they are worrying about the rest of their family. A fascinating book!

Cabot, Meg/Carroll Jenny. SHADOWLAND-THE MEDIATOR BOOK 1. Suze has a unique talent of communicating with the dead. She helps them to cross over. Usually they have one last thing to take care of. She's just move to California from New York to live with her new family. Shortly after she finds out that she is accepted to her school because a girl, Heather, has just died. She killed herself over her boyfriend. Well, this girl is not happy that Suze is there to “take her place.” So Suze's normal mediating duties don't really work on Heather. What will she do? This is a funny, entertaining novel! Plus, there are several more in the series.

Westerfeld, Scott. SO YESTERDAY. As I told you in class, this is one of the coolest books I’ve read in a long time. This is a hot new author with many other good ones out now, including the MIDNIGHTERS series.

Korman, Gordon. SON OF THE MOB: HOLLYWOOD HUSTLE. You don’t have to have read the original SON OF THE MOB to enjoy this sequel, but it helps. It's just as funny as the original and surprisingly touching.

Koertge, Ron. MARGAUX WITH AN X. If you love language, you'll love Margaux and her vocabulary. If you read Koertge's STONER & SPAZ, you'll like this unusual paring of two seemingly opposites who find each other. Nice read.

Crutcher, Chris THE SLEDDING HILL. Wow, I can't say enough about this one. What if you finally really liked a book you were reading in English class, but all of a sudden it was banned from the school. What would you do? What would I do as a teacher...hmmm, good question.