Friday, September 23, 2005


Zevin, Gabrielle. ELSEWHERE. A fascinating view on what it could be like after death. One of the interesting occurrences is how dogs can talk & certain people can understand them naturally, while others must learn to speak “canine.”

Anderson, Janet. THE LAST TREASURE. A family has one last treasure to find that was hidden by their patriarch over a hundred years ago. One boy is determined to find it. This is a treasure hunt you won't soon forget.

Konigsburg, E.L. THE OUTCASTS OF SCHUYLER PLACE. This family has an intriguing piece of original artwork in their own backyard. The community has enjoyed it for over forty-years. Now some fancy-pants property owners want to tear it down. Will they win the fight?

Myers, Walter Dean. MONSTER. A boy has been accused of murder, but he didn't do it. The trial changes his life. Will he survive? Even if he's proven innocent, he's already been irreversibly changed. I didn't want it to end.

Korman, Gordon. NO MORE DEAD DOGS. This has been out quite a while, but I’ve just gotten the chance to read it. Hilarious!! A nice quick, good-time read!